I am an anonymous blogger known as Yiu Qua Bauk–腰跨膊. My ancestry lies in Guangdong(廣東), specifically, from one of the counties within 四邑. I am, however, currently situated in the United States, around the New York City metropolitan area. I am nearly as fluent in Cantonese as a native speaker ought to be. Me English very good too.In the interest of anonymity, all names have been substituted with sometimes arbitrary, sometimes meaningful nicknames, and the dates and possibly location of events have been altered. For legal purposes, all such references that this blog makes should be considered fictional and only inspired by certain real events. I am, however, quite real, and the thoughts and opinions contained herein are indeed mine.

For clarification purposes, I am neither liberal nor conservative. I subscribe to no schools of thought and conform to no ideologies except mine. I push no agenda besides what is in my best interests. I have a certain distain for politicians anyway, so I have very little interest in attempting to actively promote or discredit any particular person or groups of people.

I have a strong background in both computer hardware and computer software. I am a gamer in what little spare time I have, so my primary rig is a Windows boxen. I don’t dual boot; my pr0n collection has long since spilled into what space I had reserved for a Linux partition with which to play. Regardless, Emacs–all the way.

I currently learn from three distinct kung fu schools (do not confuse schools with styles): Performance Kung Fu School, Skinny Kung Fu School, and Open Kung Fu School. Reference the cast of characters page for more information.

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