Apple Tools

June 13, 2010

I think Apple users are tools. Apple fans are even more tools. And shame on Apple developers, for not only buying into the marketing, but helping to perpetuate it as well.

Apple users are tools because they ignore the fact that their products are overpriced (Macs), underpowered and under-featured (iPhone), and completely closed off, in favor of the marketing assertion that Apple products “just work.” Unfortunately, the “just work” part isn’t true at all, and what users get, especially in light of far better alternatives now present, is only a very shiny but of comparatively limited usefulness device.

I’m not a all-in-one fan. I find that specialized things are better at their specialty than jack-of-all-trades devices. I find that it is a bit more expensive to buy the best of everything separately, but that I don’t need the best of everything, only the best of a few things. I have a phone that will make and receive calls fairly decently. I have a gaming console that plays great games. I have an MP3 player (not the Cowon S9 BTW, despite my earlier ranting and raving on how it’ll be mine) that plays music superbly. I have neither want nor desire for all three functionalities present and available at once much less on one device. I know I’m not going to be playing games while listening to music–games come with their own sound and music, and it would ruin certain games if I was blasting Beethoven’s 9th while trying to hunt zombies.

Therefore, people who buy the iPhone for its so-called versatility are tools. It truly is a jack of all trades and master of none. Its sound quality sucks. Its touch feature is good, but limited in it having a capacitive touch screen. It’s missing a huge chunk of business-oriented features. It has a whole ton of general features missing (like MMS until late last year, and multi-tasking, which hopefully will show up later this year). So here I’m wondering what’s so great about it, and why people are so into it if it’s not really that good at anything.

Therefore, I have to conclude that “hip” people eat up marketing the way midwesterners eat up McDonalds, and that they are all tools–ignorant, foolish, at the hands of the puppetmaster Steve Jobs, but still somehow under the firm impression that they’re in control of their lives and future. I have to wonder how a true democracy can survive if these are the kind of people in it?