A Hint of Wrong

May 17, 2007

I hate it when people know they’re doing something wrong, so they put their heads down and continue with what they’re doing, as if that somehow makes it OK, expecting the people around them to accomodate. To put it quite frankly, it’s not OK, and someone’s eventually going to come along, and call these people out on their bluff. And then they pay for their wrongs, sometimes with interest, as the more they get away with their wrongdoings, the less cautious they will be, and the harder they will feel the effects of the retribution.

For the most part, I do not tolerate such bullies. Every so often, if it is an old lady, or a action that’s too trivial with which for me to bother, I will let these things slide. But otherwise, I will call these people out. I don’t see myself as some kind of vigilante, and I certainly don’t claim to be any purveyor of justice. That I leave to other, more capable people. I just let these other people see what they might otherwise choose to ignore, usually out of incredulity or disbelief.

Edit: I forgot to include the title last time.


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