First Post!

January 20, 2007

At long last, after watching and waiting for the past several years, I’ve finally decided to join the ranks of the blogging community. This first entry is intended to serve as an introduction to–obviously–me. I am Yiu Qua Bauk. This pseudonym should, in and of itself, contribute to the credibility of my knowledge of Chinese martial arts. 腰跨膊 is the very basic principle upon which all Chinese martial arts are built. From one perspective, this is an appropriate moniker because all kung fu eventually returns to this principle. At the highest levels, this is all that matters; everything else is merely icing, delicious be that it may, but insubstantial. From another perspective, my choice in assuming this pseudonym means one cannot determine the style I follow, since all true Chinese martial art styles contain this concept. Or, perhaps I am of no style.

As to what my name is in real life, that shall remain safely and firmly tucked away within my cranium. This is an anonymous blog. Exactly why anonymity is so important and what this artificial imposition entails will be explained in a subsequent entry, but suffice to say, I have every intention of remaining anonymous. It should be rather obvious that I know what I’m doing with this computer. I’ve been using the internet since the days of the 2400 baud modem and making long-distance calls to certain universities, and I’ve been working with computers from both hardware and software perspectives since about that time. Needless to say, I am unquestionably a computer geek.

And when I am annoyed, I will apply several layers of thick, chunky whoop-ass–and in less time than it would take for Linus to write hello-world in bash.


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